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Release of FAVOR Code Version 20.1.12

NUMARK has supported US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) efforts to update and improve the FAVOR computer code used by NRC to evaluate issues related to the integrity of Reactor Pressure Vessels (RPVs).  FAVOR is used to analyze the impact of normal and potential accident thermal-hydraulic loads on RPVs. Based on the RPV materials of construction, and how these materials degrade over time as a result of radiation, FAVOR evaluates pressurized thermal shock from plant transients and the potential impact on pressure vessel integrity resulting from stresses applied during normal plant heat-up, cooldown and pressure tests. FAVOR is also used to evaluate applications for extended nuclear plant operations and issues identified from plant inspections and measurements of the capsules removed from RPVs. 

A new release of FAVOR (version 20.1.12) has been approved by NRC that adds an option to evaluate as-found or user defined flaws.  A revision of the FAVOR Theory manual (Technical Letter Report TLR-RES/DE/REB-2021-03 - ADAMS ML21175A300) has been issued to document the Algorithms, Methods, and Correlations used in FAVOR.   A revision of the FAVOR User's Guide (TLR-RES/DE/REB-2021-04 - ADAMS ML21175A301) provides information on the inputs and models used in FAVOR.  In addition, NRC has published a new FAVOR Software Quality Assurance Plan (SQAP) (TLR-RES/DE/REB-2021-05 - ADAMS ML21175A161) and FAVOR Configuration Management and Maintenance Plan (CMMP) (TLR-RES/DE/REB-2021-06 - ADAMS ML21175A167). Links to these four publications appear below.

Fracture Analysis of Vessels – Oak Ridge, FAVOR v20.1.12, Theory and Implementation of Algorithms, Methods, and Correlations, Technical Letter Report TLR-RES/DE/REB-2021-03, June 2021.

Fracture Analysis of Vessels – Oak Ridge, FAVOR v20.1.12, User’s Guide, Technical Letter Report TLR-RES/DE/REB-2021-04, June 2021.

FAVOR Software Quality Assurance Plan (SQAP), Technical Letter Report TLR-RES/DE/REB-2021-05, June 2021.

FAVOR Configuration Management and Maintenance Plan (CMMP), Technical Letter Report TLR-RES/DE/REB-2021-06, June 2021.

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