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Currently available documents include: 

Regulatory Capacity Building and the Role of TSO’s in Emergent Nuclear Countries ,” NEI-Pillsbury Seminar: Hot Button Issues in International Nuclear Trade and Investment, Washington, DC, November 17, 2014.

Martin L. Bowling and Neil J. Numark, "TSO Support to Safety Authorities in Emergent Nuclear Countries," Canadian Nuclear Society 2013, Toronto, Canada, June 11, 2013.

Neil J. Numark, “The Potential for Nuclear Energy in Developing Nations,” International Energy Conference & Exhibition (IECE): SUSTAINABILITY: ENERGY FOR DEVELOPING NATIONS, Daegu, Korea, February 27, 2007.

Sanne B. Jacobsen, Neil J. Numark and Paloma Sarria, "A Changing U.S. Climate," Public Utilities Fortnightly, February 2005. To obtain a copy of the entire article, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Marcus D. King, Paloma Sarria, Daniel J. Moss and Neil J. Numark, "U.S. Business Actions to Address Climate Change: Case Studies of Five Industry Sectors," GreenBiz, November 2004.

Marcus D. King, Daniel J. Moss, Neil J. Numark and Paloma Sarria, "Bush & Kerry: Competing Visions for U.S. Energy Policy,"Energy Review (Japan), November 2004.

Shigenobu Hirusawa, Seishi Torikai, Neil J. Numark and Daniel Moss, "Evolution and Major Turning Points of HLW Disposal Policy in Several Countries" presentation to the Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference, Honolulu, HI, March 23, 2004.

Neil J. Numark and Michael O. Terry, New Nuclear Construction: Still On Hold, Public Utilities Fortnightly, Volume 141, No. 22, December 2003, Pages 32-38.

Neil J. Numark and Michael O. Terry, "Is a Second Coming Nigh?," Nuclear Engineering International, Volume 48, No. 591, October 2003, Pages 38-40.

Neil J. Numark et. al., "The Sustainable Energy Top Ten Awards 2001," Sustainable Energy Institute, Washington, D.C., February 6, 2002.

Neil J. Numark and Robert P. Grant, Impact of Electricity Deregulation on the U.S. Nuclear Industry, Presentation to the Global Foundation Annual Conference,Competition in Electricity Markets: Deregulation, the Environment and Security of Supply, London, December 4, 2001 (document in Adobe Acrobat format; click here for attached slides).

Neil J. Numark and Robert D. MacDougall, "Nuclear Power in Deregulated Markets: Performance to Date and Prospects for the Future."(Abstract of article. Complete work published in 14 TUL. ENVTL. L.J. 2 (2001), Copyright, Tulane Environmental Law Journal. All rights reserved.)

Neil J. Numark,"The U.S. Nuclear Industry's Current Status and Prospects Under Electricity Deregulation," presentation to the 34th JAIF Annual Conference, Aomori City, Japan, April 27, 2001.

Robert D. MacDougall and Neil J. Numark, "Conquering Deregulation: How the U.S. Nuclear Industry is Doing It," Gensan(journal of the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum), No. 57, October 2000, pp. 13-29 (English version of document, PDF).

Neil J. Numark and Alain Michel, Conference Report: "Plutonium 2000, International Conference on the Future of Plutonium," Belgian Nuclear Society, Brussels, October 9-11, 2000.

Matthew Bunn, Neil J. Numark and Tatsujiro Suzuki, "To Preserve, and Not to Reprocess," Nezavisimaya Gazeta-Nauka, July 19, 2000 (English Translation). To download the Russian original in PDF format, click here.

Analysis of U.S. Responses to the JCO Accident, updated May 2000.

Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems, February 24, 2000 (PDF).

Numark Associates Interview with David Lochbaum, Union of Concerned Scientists on Nuclear Energy and Safety Policy, January, 2000. 

Numark Associates Interview with Senator Bob Graham, Florida, on Nuclear Energy Policy, October 1, 1999. 

The Nuclear Top Ten, 1999, April 1999. To download the full document in PDF, click here.

Matthew Bunn, Neil J. Numark, and Tatsujiro Suzuki, "A Concept for Parallel Spent Fuel Storage and MOX Fuel Fabrication from Weapons Plutonium in the Russian Far East," Waste Management '99, Tuscon, Arizona, March 3, 1999.

Guide to Nuclear Politics in the 106th Congress, February 1999.

Matthew Bunn, Neil J. Numark, and Tatsujiro Suzuki, "A Japanese-Russian Agreement to Establish a Nuclear Facility for MOX Fabrication and Spent Fuel Storage in the Russian Far East," BCSIA Discussion Paper 98-25, Cambridge, MA: Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, November 1998.

Neil J. Numark, "Weapons Plutonium and Civilian Plutonium: Observations on the Interrelationship," Santa Fe Energy Seminar, April 30, 1998.

Neil J. Numark, "Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation: Building Russo-Japanese Ties," Japan Times, April 17, 1998 (document in Adobe Acrobat format).

Neil J. Numark, "Reducing Inventories of Weapons Plutonium: What Are the Challenges?" Energy Review, No. 203, December 1997 (document in Adobe Acrobat format).

Neil J. Numark, "Challenges in Reducing Weapons Plutonium Inventories," Global '97, Yokohama, Japan, October 6, 1997.

Michael Boyd, Thomas McLaughlin, Neil Numark and Steven Schaffer, "The Safety of Various Waste Disposal Options for Soil From the Clean-up of Federal Facilities," Waste Management '97, Tucson, Arizona, March 1997.

Neil J. Numark, "Get SMART on Nukes," Moscow Times, April 19, 1996.

Neil J. Numark, "Get SMART:  The Case for a Strategic Materials Reduction Treaty, 
and Its Implementation," Presentation to the International Conference on Military Conversion and Science: Utilization/Disposal of Excess Weapon Plutonium: Scientific, Technological and Socio-Economical Aspects, Como, Italy, March 19, 1996.

John Harrop, John MacKinney and Neil J. Numark. "Economic Aspects of Recycling U.S. Department of Energy Radioactive Scrap Metal," U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, November 1994.

Neil J. Numark, "Needed: A Treaty that Gets Rid of Plutonium," The Washington Times, October 5, 1994.

Neil J. Numark, "Nuclear Stockpiles Can't be Stored Forever," San Francisco Chronicle, September 30, 1994.

Neil J. Numark, "How to Handle Cold War Leftovers," Miami Herald, September 25, 1994.

Neil J. Numark and Tatsujiro Suzuki. "Spoils of Peace; What to Do with US Warhead Plutonium," Nuclear Engineering International, January 1994.

Neil J. Numark and Tatsujiro Suzuki. "Comparison of Recycle and Disposal Options for Fissile Materials Arising From Disarmament Treaties," Presentation to the 1993 International Conference on Nuclear Waste Management and Environmental Restoration, Prague, Czech Republic, September 7, 1993.

Neil J. Numark, "Discussion of Waste Equivalence," Presentation to the Board of Radioactive Waste Management, National Academy of Sciences, September 24, 1992.

Neil J. Numark and Suzanne R. Phelps, "Equivalence to 1,000 MTHM of Spent Fuel: Application of 40 CFR Part 191 to Other Wastes," Presented at International High-Level Radioactive Waste Management Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 14, 1992.

John Gaunt and Neil J. Numark, ERC International, "Health and Safety Aspects of Nuclear Power Plants," prepared for The World Bank Industry and Energy Department, PRE, August 1991.

John Gaunt and Neil J. Numark, ERC International, "Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Facilities," prepared for The World Bank Industry and Energy Department, PRE, April 1990.

Neil J. Numark and Edward F. Wonder, ERC International, "Approaches to Gaining Public Acceptance of Repository Siting: An International Overview," Presentation to International Waste Management Conference, Kyoto, Japan, October 24, 1989.

E.F. Conti and Neil J. Numark, International Energy Associates Limited, "Development of Regulatory Policies on High-Level Waste Disposal," ASME 1987 International Waste Management Conference, Hong Kong, November 29 - December 5, 1987.

Neil J. Numark, International Energy Associates Limited, "Analysis of Factors Influencing National Spent Fuel Management Strategies and Overview of Worldwide Activities," International Conference on Nuclear Power Performance and Safety, Vienna, Austria, September 28 - October 2, 1987.

Neil J. Numark, International Energy Associates Limited, "International Comparison of High-Level Waste Disposal Criteria," Waste Management Conference, Tucson, Arizona, March 4, 1987.

John Gaunt, Roger J. Mattson and Neil J. Numark, International Energy Associates Limited, "International Survey of Spent Fuel Management Policies and Activities," Presented at American Nuclear Society International Topical Meeting on Waste Management and Decontamination and Decommissioning, Niagara Falls, New York, September 15, 1986.

John Gaunt, Roger J. Mattson and Neil J. Numark, International Energy Associates, Limited, "Comparison of National Programs and Regulations for the Management of Spent Fuel and Disposal of High-Level Waste in Seven Countries," Waste Management, Tucson, Arizona, 1986.

Kenneth R. Kase and Neil J. Numark, "Radiation Transmission and Scattering for Medical LINACs Producing X-Rays of 6 and 15 MV: Comparison of Calculations with Measurements," Health Physics, March 3, 1985.

"Achieving Performance Objectives for the Engineered Barrier System," U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Energy and Commerce, Committee Print 98-II, November 1984.

Douglas W. Cooper and Neil J. Numark, "Prospects for Utility Ownership of Cogeneration," Public Utilities Fortnightly, February 2, 1984.

Kenneth R. Kase and Neil J. Numark, "Comparisons of Calculations and Measurements for Medical LINACs Facility Shielding Design," Medical Physics, 1984.

Albert A. Bartlett and Neil J. Numark, "Energy Waste in a University Building,"American Journal of Physics, April 1982.

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