Numark Associates Inc.


NUMARK Selected to Support US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Efforts to Risk-Inform the Regulatory Infrastructure for Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems

September 27, 2019 -- NUMARK Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce its selection by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to assist in developing the technical basis for integrating risk insights into the regulatory framework for Digital Instrumentation and Control (DI&C) systems and components in nuclear power plants. The work supports the NRC staff’s January 2018 Integrated Action Plan to modernize DI&C regulatory infrastructure.

NUMARK’s work, supported by subcontractor Technology Resources, Inc., will be to assess available methods and analytical tools for estimating failure frequencies of diverse DI&C technologies, and address uncertainties in these estimates, taking into consideration the methods and analytical tools used in other agencies and industries. The team’s findings will be documented in a NUREG/CR (Contractor Report).

The contract award to NUMARK was the result of a competitive solicitation. The period of performance is through September 2022.

NUMARK, founded in 1991, has provided technical support services to NRC since 2007. Besides its work for NRC, NUMARK supports public and private sector clients in the US and around the world in the areas of nuclear safety, environmental protection, and sustainable energy strategies.

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