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NUMARK Awarded Three Technical Support Contracts by US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

September 28, 2020 -- NUMARK Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce its selection by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for framework IDIQ contracts to provide technical support to three NRC offices:

  • Nuclear Regulatory Research (RES): NUMARK’s award covers all seven technical areas in which proposals were solicited: Thermal Hydraulics Research; Nuclear Fuel and Core Neutronics; Severe Accident and Consequence Analysis; Component Integrity and Materials Performance; Instrumentation and Controls and Electrical Systems; Risk Analysis; and Code Development and Code Support. The contract has a shared ceiling of $42 million and a period of performance of 8/1/2020-7/31/2025.
  • Nuclear Materials Safety and Safeguards (NMSS): Technical support areas under this contract include safety and environmental reviews and licensing actions for materials and waste programs; environmental reviews of materials, waste, and reactor programs; regulatory guidance development and knowledge management; and rulemaking support. The contract has a shared ceiling of $8 million and a period of performance of 8/10/2020-8/9/2025.
  • Nuclear Reactor Regulation (NRR): NRC anticipates obtaining technical assistance in reactor licensing as well as oversight, including support in reviewing new Small Modular Reactor (SMR) and advanced reactor license applications; reviewing operating reactor and renewal licensing actions; and reviewing reactor decommissioning plans. This Small Business Set-Aside contract has a shared ceiling of $17 million and a period of performance of 9/28/2020-9/27/2025.

NUMARK was the only company to be awarded all three contracts. The company will support NRC under these contracts together with a team of US and international subcontractors.

NUMARK, founded in 1991, has provided technical support services to NRC since 2007, primarily assisting NRC with safety and environmental reviews associated with the licensing of new nuclear power plants. Besides its work for NRC, NUMARK supports public and private sector clients in the US and around the world in the areas of nuclear safety, environmental protection, and sustainable energy strategies.

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