Numark Associates Inc.


NUMARK to Provide Environmental Advisory Services to USAID

October 25, 2014 -- NUMARK Associates, Inc. is part of the Development Innovations Group (DIG) Team that has been awarded an IDIQ contract by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) under the “Making Cities Work – MCW ” Program.  The MCW - formerly HABITAT (Helping Access Basic Infrastructure Technical Assistance and Training) - Program seeks to provide access to technical services, training, and capacity-building related to improving urban and local governance in the following areas:

Improved urban and local government public service delivery with an emphasis on transportation, water and sanitation;

  1. Improved autonomy, transparency, responsiveness and accountability of urban and local governments;
  2. Enhanced ability of urban and local governments to adapt to climate change, improve environmental management practices and pollution control systems;
  3. Improved urban and local government disaster preparedness, response and recovery; and
  4. Improved urban and local government finance, creditworthiness and borrowing.

NUMARK brings its environmental management and climate change expertise to the DIG team, and will have responsibility for the climate change and environmental area (Item 3 above).  The contract was awarded in October 2014 and has a five-year term.  The IDIQ contract has a shared ceiling of $650 million among eleven contractors. Task Orders under $1 million will be set aside for the three small business awardees, including DIG.

Details of the IDIQ are available at: MCW- Habitat IDIQ

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