Numark Associates Inc.

NUMARK Nuclear Regulatory Support Services

NUMARK leads a nuclear safety Technical Support Organization (TSO) assisting the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and other national nuclear safety authorities in the licensing and oversight of nuclear industry activities. NUMARK has delivered global TSO expertise to these authorities since 2007; through international subcontracting, NUMARK has continuously assembled global teams of multidisciplinary nuclear safety experts for its clients, combining the licensing perspectives of North American and European regulators and encompassing a wide range of reactor technologies. As a TSO:

NUMARK BRINGS WORLD-CLASS TECHNICAL EXPERTISE – NUMARK offers extensive experience in the utilization and regulation of nuclear technology. Backgrounds of the NUMARK personnel include major architectural/engineering firms, nuclear reactor vendors, nuclear utility companies, nuclear regulatory organizations (domestic and international), equipment manufacturers and suppliers, construction companies, research firms, national laboratories and universities.

NUMARK PROVIDES UP-TO-DATE KNOWLEDGE OF U.S. AND INTERNATIONAL REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS – NUMARK personnel bring in-depth knowledge of U.S. and international regulatory requirements, advanced expertise in the area of guidance development, and extensive experience in writing and using U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and IAEA guidance and industry consensus standards. NUMARK has performed technical reviews for NRC and other national safety authorities in support of new reactor licensing efforts.

NUMARK HAS A PROVEN RECORD OF EFFECTIVE REGULATORY TECHNICAL REVIEWS - NUMARK personnel perform safety reviews against the updated and detailed guidance of the latest version of the NRC Standard Review Plan (NUREG-0800), and environmental reviews against NRC’s NUREG-1555. NUMARK’s staff also has experience conducting technical evaluations of new and existing facility designs against DOE requirements.

NUMARK TECHNICAL REVIEW AREAS – NUMARK’s technical review services for safety authorities include indepth assessments of reactor systems; seismic, geotechnical and structural design; electrical and mechanical systems for the nuclear island and balance-of-plant; primary and secondary system chemistry and materials; containment design and analysis; fuel storage design and criticality; radioactive waste systems; test and acceptance criteria; and design audits.

NUMARK INDEPENDENT CONFIRMATORY ANALYSIS AREAS - NUMARK has performed design certification confirmatory analyses of post-accident containment pressures; criticality of fuel storage racks; leak-before-break; and seismic/structural interaction. NUMARK has also performed confirmatory analyses of seismic/structural interaction for site-specific applications.

NUMARK SITE-SPECIFIC REVIEW AREAS - NUMARK’s Combined License and Early Site Permit reviews for NRC include siting analyses (geology, seismology, hydrology and meteorology) and environmental impact analyses, including land use and socioeconomics. Combined License reviews also include reviews of site-specific systems design (including electrical and balance-of-plant), radioactive waste management, radiation protection, in-service inspection and testing, technical specifications, and design audits.

NUMARK ASSISTS WITH REGULATORY INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT AND STAFF MENTORING – NUMARK’s staff includes a number of former NRC managers and personnel with IAEA experience who can provide assistance with regulatory body infrastructure development and mentoring of safety authority managers and technical staff. NUMARK conducts Codes and Standards courses for NRC personnel and supports NRC in the revision of regulatory guides.

NUMARK PROVIDES PROJECT MANAGEMENT SUPPORT – NUMARK has extensive experience integrating various technical review products into Safety Evaluation Reports as well as providing effective oversight, task management, and schedule performance.

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