Numark Associates Inc.

Since its founding, NUMARK has continuously built up its nuclear services organization to support the growing requirements of our regulatory clients, recruiting highly experienced experts in a wide range of disciplines related to the nuclear energy field. Our personnel capabilities in the nuclear energy arena include:

  • Over 100 staff with experience in nuclear regulatory organizations (U.S. and international), major architectural/engineering firms, nuclear reactor vendors, nuclear utility companies, the IAEA and other international organizations, research firms, national laboratories, universities and other organizations

  • Over 600 person-years of NRC staff experience

  • Over 50 former US utility and vendor personnel experienced in technical safety/licensing reviews

  • Numerous personnel having performed and achieved results in international environments

  • Safety: Highly experienced experts in a wide range of technical disciplines, including specialists in Chemistry; Facility Construction and Manufacturing; Electrical Engineering and I&C; Site Safety; Fire Protection; Radwaste Systems; Health Physics; Mechanical Engineering; Operations and Maintenance; Quality Assurance and Control; Emergency Preparedness; Regulatory Infrastructure and Licensing; Seismic, Hydrological and Geotechnical Sciences; Structural and Materials Engineering; Thermal Hydraulics; Probabilistic Analysis; Accident Analysis; Facility Security; and Knowledge Transfer

  • Security: Law enforcement and security professionals offering a range of expertise such as: access control and authorization, “insider” threats, perimeter security, performance-based training, enhanced weaponry, Operations Security (OPSEC) and information/cyber security

  • Environmental: Personnel highly experienced in assessing potential environmental impacts of building and operating nuclear facilities, including expertise in radwaste handling, transportation and disposal; hydrology; geology; seismology; meteorology; health physics; and both nuclear and non-nuclear accident assessment

  • Research: Research professionals with extensive experience that spans academic, public, and private sector research and policy analysis in the safety, security and environmental arenas.

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