Numark Associates Inc.

Sustainable Energy Expertise

NUMARK offers a highly qualified and experienced roster of experts in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, biofuels, climate change policy, carbon trading, financial services, project assessment, project development, and multilateral project management.

Key qualifications include:

  • Personnel with backgrounds in finance, science, economics, energy policy, and engineering and extensive experience in their respective fields, including senior experts with a track record of successful projects in the United States and internationally
  • Proven expertise in various technical assistance and project management areas, including design and assessment of renewable energy projects, financial and economic analysis, policy and regulatory guidance as well development of marketing and financial strategies for clean energy businesses
  • Extensive experience in the climate change technical and policy areas, including assessment of the GHG mitigation potential of projects and programs, feasibility studies of projects that involve carbon finance, appraisal of CDM projects, and low carbon development strategies
  • Extensive experience in Latin America and the Caribbean region
  • A wide range of clients including governmental agencies, multilateral institutions, electric utilities and private sector clients

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