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Nuclear Regulatory and Research Services

In a technically sophisticated field, NUMARK is valued for its expertise in both the engineering and sciences of nuclear regulation, and for its analysis of the interplay of interests influencing nuclear energy policy development. NUMARK specializes in offering its clients nuclear regulatory and research services, including environmental services to support regulatory review decisions that directly impact the quality of the environment.

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Technical Reviews for Government Oversight Agencies

NUMARK provides technical support to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the independent federal agency responsible for regulating U.S. commercial nuclear power plants and other uses of nuclear materials. Since 2007 NUMARK has served as a major Technical Support Organization (TSO) for the NRC’s Office of New Reactors.

To support the NRC in the new reactor licensing efforts, NUMARK has assembled a team of personnel and subcontractors with extensive experience and demonstrated strengths in the licensing of numerous nuclear power plants throughout North America and Europe.

Focusing on applications for new nuclear power plants, our team provides the NRC a full range of safety and environmental review services, tapping our strengths in a range of engineering and scientific disciplines. NUMARK safety reviews include Nuclear Fuel Design; Reactor Systems; Electrical Systems; Radiation Protection; Safety Systems Design; Criticality & Safety Analysis; Materials Chemistry; Seismic Design; Containment Analysis; In-service Testing; Balance of Plant Systems; and Earth Sciences. NUMARK also provides assistance to NRC in addressing construction inspection issues at new nuclear power plants, including the availability of independent structural, mechanical, and electrical testing capabilities through qualified subcontractors.

Since early 2011 NUMARK has also led a nuclear safety TSO - known as NT - that is providing extensive technical support to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) for the safety reviews associated with the construction of two new nuclear power plants. In addition to U.S. subcontractors, the NT team includes companies from Canada, Finland and Germany.

Guidance for Emerging and Existing Regulatory Frameworks

NUMARK provides nuclear regulatory services to countries developing regulatory processes, as well as those seeking to streamline existing ones. NUMARK personnel with backgrounds at the NRC and throughout the U.S. nuclear industry bring a thorough understanding of relevant U.S. regulations and advise clients on adapting U.S. regulatory practices.

NUMARK is currently assisting the NRC in the revision of NRC Regulatory Guides. Moreover, members of NUMARK-led TSOs have extensive experience in providing training to regulatory body staff in a number of disciplines.  For example, NUMARK currently provides the U.S. NRC with an Electrical and I&C Codes and Inspection course.

A Resource for Industry

NUMARK supports industry clients in the analysis of regulatory requirements and the investigation of industry practices in the U.S. and abroad. Topics we have addressed have included, for example, the evolution of risk-informed regulation and the NRC Reactor Oversight Process; online maintenance; the roles of standards organizations; the third-party inspection system; post-9/11 nuclear plant security; thermal discharge requirements; and waste management regulations.

NUMARK also provides expert assistance for small modular reactor licensing.  This includes assistance to non-light-water reactor designer-developers in the evaluation of their plant designs against national nuclear regulators’ risk-informed and performance-based licensing frameworks and the regulatory requirements and guidance applicable to SMRs.  NUMARK can assist in the planning, preparation and review of SMR pre-licensing and licensing application documents, assessment of research and development needed to support the SMR safety case and SMR license application planning and project management.

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First Word on Policy Developments

U.S. executive, legislative and regulatory actions on commercial nuclear energy issues affect industry and public decision-makers the world over. From major legislative issues facing the Administration and Congress to small details under review by regulators, our experts help clients prepare for the ever-changing political and technical landscape of nuclear energy. We keep clients worldwide current on what is happening now, what lies ahead, and why.


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