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USAID Laos Energy Security Activity


The USAID-funded, NUMARK-led Laos Energy Security (LES) Activity implements activities under the framework of the Japan-U.S.-Mekong Power Partnership (JUMPP) which promotes energy security throughout the Mekong region. The LES Activity specifically supports the Government of Laos’ (GoL) efforts to achieve a resilient and financially viable power sector that contributes to the national goal of green and sustainable economic growth.

Key Information:

  • Program Name: USAID Laos Energy Security Activity
  • Duration: August 2020-August 2025
  • Implementing Partner: NUMARK Associates, Inc.
  • Geographic Coverage: Laos
  • LES Chief of Party: Mr. Randall Nottingham

 LES’ main objectives include:

  1. Supporting improved energy sector planning: About 95% of the electricity produced and consumed in Laos comes from hydropower. Hydropower not only meets domestic demand and supports economic development; it also represents one of the country's largest exports. LES’s focus in this area is on strengthening the Lao Ministry of Energy and Mines’ (MEM) capacity to design and implement reservoir management regulations, and strengthening the capacity within Électricité du Laos (EdL), the state-owned electric utility, to effectively conduct power system planning.
  2. Helping to strengthen energy sector legal and regulatory frameworks: Key LES activities in this area include supporting GoL efforts to improve energy planning activities (particularly related to increased renewable energy generation and regional integration) and supporting multisectoral engagement and effective implementation of Laos’ national EV policy.
  3. Supporting improved performance of EdL: Laos’ state-owned electric utility plays an important role in determining the security, reliability, and affordability of energy in the country. EdL has made commendable achievements in electrifying Laos over the past decade – raising the national electrification rate from about 70% in 2010 to 95% in 2022 – but technical support is still needed.  LES is working with EdL to improve electricity distribution system reliability and reduce electricity distribution losses. Success in these areas will help EdL improve service delivery, realize cost savings, and reduce environmental impact.

In addition to the activities above, LES also supports several important cross-cutting activities. Notable examples include:

  • Implementing USAID’s Clean Energy Innovation Fund, supporting grants of up to $250,000 to the private sector and NGOs in Laos to promote clean energy innovation.
  • Hosting the Lao Women-in-Energy Scholarship Program, providing educational opportunities for Lao women to study and gain experience in energy-related fields.
  • Supporting English language training for Lao energy professionals, improving their ability to communicate with regional and international counterparts more effectively.
  • Providing ongoing ad hoc support to USAID under the JUMPP mechanism, on topics as varied as energy market development and investment and clean energy integration in Laos and the Mekong region.

 NUMARK’s implementation is supported by Crown Agents USA and the Energy and Security Group.

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